Everyday, AkzoNobel creates essential products to make people’s lives more enjoyable and inspiring. As a leading worldwide company in paints and coatings, and one of the main chemical specialties manufacturer, we provide key ingredients, protection and color for industries and consumers in the entire world. Supported by a pioneering legacy, our innovative products and sustainable technologies are made to meet increasing demands from our quick-changing planet, making life easier. Headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, we hire approximately 46,000 people in about 80 countries, and our portfolio includes renewed brands, such as Coral, Sikkens, International, Interpon and Eka. As it is consistently known as one of the leading sustainability companies, we are committed to energize cities and communities, creating a protected and colorful world, where we can make people’s lives better through what we do.

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AkzoNobel Vehicle Refinishes

AkzoNobel’s Vehicle Refinishes division is one of the world’s leading suppliers of paints and services to automotive refinishing, commercial vehicle, automotive paint for plastics (OEM) and aerospace coatings (OEM) markets. Its portfolio includes leading brands such as Sikkens, Wanda, Sikkens Autocoat BT, Techfleet, Lesonal and Dynacoat.

The company supplies automotive paints for workshops, distributors, fleets, manufacturers of plastic components of assemblers and auto parts.

We have a strong presence in the paint fleet market of buses, trucks and trains, under the command of our Commercial Vehicle area and its brand Sikkens Autocoat BT.

We are also one of the leading suppliers of original paints for vehicle’ automotive plastic parts, such as Volkswagen, GM, Fiat, Ford and Renault, through our APC – Automotive Plastic Coatings unit.

We also serve the major aircraft manufacturers, such as Embraer, with products specially developed for Aerospace line.

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