AkzoNobel works to offer to their clients the best color solutions. To ensure quality, it is necessary a synergy between the work realized at the factory and the painting process realized at the offices. Looking for the perfect harmony, check our color tools portfolio.

Automatchic Vision Spectrophotometer

is a compact device that allows the accurate color identification during the automotive reparation process.

With this technology, it is possible to increase profitability and productivity in your business besides diminishing material waste.

ColorPro along with the AMV or the AM3 provides for an additional step of color corrections and solid color development.

Wanda Tonner Chart

The Wanda Tonner chart is a key tool in every mixing room. Using it is easier to adjust the color.

ColorMap FD

It uses the reference documentation concept (RAL, Pantone, etc.) to identify unknown colors. It is indicated for distributors because they work with a big variety of colors and automakers. These enterprises often don’t have all the information they need to make the color search.

Mixing Machine system

a bases mixer, a precision scale and the ColorPro software allow besides the color identification and formulation, the stock, and prices control for your store.
The toners are weighed in the precision balance which can be connected to your computer.

Andean range AkzoNobel 2010-2013

See the most representative and variant colors for vehicles produced in Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela between 2010 and 2013.

Color range 2010-2014

More than 598 colors, offered by 37 brands

The main differential of this color range is the presence of colors from 2010 until 2014. It is aligned with the most recent automotive industry launches. The new tool is easy to use and contributes with speed and precision.

Color Adjustment Chart

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Tips for adjusting effect colors

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Ten tips for adjusting effect colors

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Tonners basic characteristics

Wandabase HS


Tonners basic characteristics

Wandabase PU