In 1934, a big brand was born, when the excellence promise on color and re-painting products is kept consistently and innovative until today.

Know a little bit about our history, following our timeline.

Mr. Roque Montesano, who started everything

He was born in Mococa, São Paulo, in 1907. Son of Italian parents and of a very humble background, he only attended elementary school. He started working early as a wall painter, chosen due to necessities. In some years, he became a highly regarded professional and, further, a great entrepreneurial.

A promise

On the day his third daughter was born, Mr. Roque Montesano promised his wife that when he could accomplish his dream of having his own factory, he would name it after the name of her daughter, Wanda. This promise would become true soon.

Formula of success

A self-learner, Mr. Roque Montesano was a very dedicated professional. As a painter, he always looked after learning and knowing everything related to his occupation. After studying a lot and try many possibilities, Mr. Montesano would take notes about success formulas in his simple notebook. It’s about time to get the production professionalized and think about the future.

Building a dream

In the early 30s, by improvisation t the shed in his house, at Vila Maria Zélia, in São Paulo, Mr. Montesano started to produce his own paints. In 1947, Mr. Montesano transferred his production to an industrial shed in Mooca, São Paulo, where the factory really started to take shape. An absolute success, in 1972, the factory development in Rodovia Raposo Tavares had been accomplished.

Constant Evolution


Brand launching in 1940.


The background “W” and red color are placed to brand’s redesign.

60s / 70s

In 1974, Tintas Wanda was purchased by AkzoNobel and a new brand was released.

80s / 90s

AkzoNobel manufacturer’s logo was incorporated to Wanda brand.

From 2000

In 2004, the background “W” on the brand wasnow 3D.


The rand incorporates slogan “Wanda é a cor!” (”Wanda is the color!”)


Wanda brand changes its market strategy and incorporates a new slogan, which aims at reaching and encouraging the whole consumption chain, starting with its staff until it reaches end customers.

2016 – Current Brand

Thinking about simplifying its communication, the brand uses the three-dimensional version again, but without slogan.

Focus on Customer

The first to capacitate such occupational professionals, Wanda always have been concerned in taking information into partner workshops and personnel of the brand. Therefore, special events, such as “#VemComWanda” and company’s training center courses, which are important tools to show the correct way to apply products, main releases, tips and news.

Wanda in Paint Retailers

Since the beginning, Wanda brand has a strong presence in point of sales, in all countries it operation onto. Provides quality service, including custom layout proposals, to give visibility to the product line, besides make their sales point a lot more attractive to their customers.

We have Wanda

Promote Wanda brand in media was a continuous evolution since the 50s.

Respect the Environment

Wanda is the color that respects your nature. Developing products that do not harm the environment and ensure all our employees’ and users’ wellness is part of Wanda’s objective. Focusing on sustainability, the brand is a pioneer in developing heavy metal-free products.

And the History goes on…

Wanda products are present on all continents, and for this reason it has the largest number of formulas in the market. It offers a complete range of products for automotive redesign, manufactured in a liable way regarding the society and environment, at São Bernardo do Campo’s industrial park, in São Paulo.


Mrs. Wanda Montesano Ferrara, Mr. Roque Montesano’s daughter.

In October 5, 2015, the automotive redesign brand AkzoNobel, which has the name of the daughter of the Brazilian painter and entrepreneurial, Mr. Roque Montesano, who developed Wanda’s first paint formulas, completed 85 years!

It’s a great pleasure to celebrate, along with “Tintas Wanda”, 85 years of career and memories. I followed my father’s entire history in becoming a entrepreneurial of our country. My son, Antônio Fernando Ferrara, always insists on remembering my father’s beautiful history. Mr. Montesano’s passion for excellence and mastery in finishing made the paints developed by him to always ensure the highest quality level, a signature kept by AkzoNobel“.
D. Wanda Montesano Ferrara.

Commemorative Logos

75 Years Commemorative Logo

80 Years Commemorative Logo

85 Years Commemorative Logo