Wandaprimer PU 5100 HS Medium Grey

By 09/11/2020Primers, Products


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Wandaprimer PU 5100 HS Medium Grey


High build, quick drying, and smooth sanding.

After catalysis, it can be thinned with up to 40% of thinner, showing a great performance.

Characteristics (Features)

Primer PU with high concentration of solids, it has great filling power and adhesion to metal parts.

This line is available in three colors:
Medium grey
Dark grey

They could be mixed reaching different grey tons. It can also be dyed with up to 5% of PU toner.


750ml and 3L

Mixing Ratio

5:1 + 20 – 40%
Primer PU 5100
Endurecedor 3090 ou 3093
Thinner PU